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I can't get it to work with cURL however. It doesn't matter if I try to pass it as a post field or if I try to put it on the url like I do in the browser. Response from Bill DePhillips: cURL in PHP Hypo CSV crawler - online banking statements downloader from Hypovereinsbank Munich, Germany using PHP & CURL CLI Convert PHP Array to XML or Simple XML Object if you wish

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If you invoke curl --version for a curl with multiple backends it will mention MultiSSL as a feature in the last line. The first line will then include all the supported TLS backends with all but the default one within parentheses. To set a specific one to get used, set the environment variaable CURL_SSL_BACKEND to the name of it!

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As others have already mentioned in comments, using regular expressions to parse XML is really not a good way to do it. Use an XML processor instead, e.g. xmlstarlet is a useful tool for working with XML in shell scripts. Or write your script in a language (e.g. perl or python that have XML processing Mar 28, 2019 · Question- How to POST JSON data with curl? How to POST JSON data with curl command line? How do I POST JSON data on Linux terminal? You can add -H "Content-Type: application/json" header value to Post the JSON data to curl command line.

curl is an open source command line tool and library for transferring data with URL. curl is a powerful system to transfer data to many protocals. it is a good way to send data between websites. GET request made by using cURL GET request make by using sockets (BSD sockets) Second, I've done a C program which parses a XML file (without using any xml-specific library) and makes a GET request with the parsed info as it follows:

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Mar 01, 2016 · cURL is the magical utility that allows developers to download a URL’s content, explore response headers, get stock quotes, confirm our GZip encoding is working, and much more. One more great usage of cUrl for command line is POSTing form data to a server, especially while testing moderate to advanced form processing. The Schema API utilizes the ManagedIndexSchemaFactory class, which is the default schema factory in modern Solr versions. See the section Schema Factory Definition in SolrConfig for more information about choosing a schema factory for your index.