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Since there are over 2000 laces to choose from, we wanted to offer a variety of ways to help you sort through our collection so that you can find just the perfect sized lace and style. Below we've collected all of our laces by color, length, width, brand, and style. Step your lace game up and add a pop of color with Benjo's premium colored shoelaces and boot laces. Explore our entire lace collection at!

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Discover the latest bracelets from Rastaclat. Bracelets that inspire a positive mindset. Doing good for yourself and others. Seek The Positive. shoe lace color symbolism Back in the high school days I recall one of my friends telling me that wearing certain colors of laces in your boots was akin to professing your support for a certain life style such as purple for being a lesbian, or red for Nazis. I love sneakers. In fact, I love shoes. Are you tired of always wearing your shoes as they come from the store and looking to differentiate them in some way? The simple fact of using colored laces or tie them in different ways can make a differenc... Orange is the color of wild summer daydreams and laughter with friends. This shoelaces color page is designed to make it easier for you to find orange shoelace colors like orange, fire orange, citrus orange, neon orange, rocky top orange, and other shades of orange that you are looking for. If you can't find the length you want,...

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Oct 06, 2017 ยท Two, shoelaces are reversible, meaning you can put them in one pair of shoes and if you don't like it anymore, you just put the old ones back in, or you put them in a different pair of shoes. Trusted shoelace-seller with 50.000+ customers 100% shoelace-store with 200+ types of shoelaces Available in any color In any length: 70-300 cm Long lasting shoelaces that doesn't fray/break or become untied For regular shoes, sneakers, boots or dress shoes Flat, round and oval shapes When you need a fresh pair of classic Flat Laces, we've got you covered. Lace Lab specializes in premium, high quality flat shoe laces to keep all your sneakers, from Jordans to Vans and everything in between, looking fresh.

Shop Laces on the official Dr. Martens website. View popular Dr. Martens like the null, null, and null in a variety of leathers, textures and colors. Shop Laces on the official Dr. Martens website. View popular Dr. Martens like the null, null, and null in a variety of leathers, textures and colors.

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Lace colors A lot of people are of the opinion that the color of your boot laces is relevant. Supposedly, according to common knowledge, white boot laces and/or suspenders (in Britspeak, "braces", hence the phrase "laces and braces") are worn by white supremacist skinheads. Wearing such boots was and is typical of racist and non-racist skinheads alike, but racist skinheads commonly use red- or white-colored shoelaces in their boots to identify themselves as white power skinheads. It is also traditional for them to lace boots with "ladder lacing," so that the laces don't cross each other going up the boot.