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3-3/8” and 4-3/8” Speedometer Omega ustom Gauges Manual Calibration: Most typically used in conjunction with a Global Position Sensor (GPS) system or an engine control module generated speedometer signal. 1. To begin the speedometer must not be powered on (Ignition Off). 2. Hold the program button down while powering up the speedometer The gauge needs power, ground, and a signal source. The signal source is generally known as a speed sender. This is also referred to as pulse generator, electronic speedometer pickup, GPS sender but the installation is always the same. One signal wire leads from the sender to the gauge and that's it, believe it or not its that easy. Attach the signal generator to the transmission speedometer gear housing (where the speedometer cable originally connected). Do not use excessive force to tighten. The signal generator / ERA Kit will enable a person to operate their electronic speedometer even when their transmission is not set up to do so. The signal generator simply screws onto the transmission's cable drive connection and outputs 8 pulses per revolution. Hopefully I am in the right forum for this. I'm trying to troubleshoot my pulse generator signal to my Dolphin 1 touch electronic speedometer. The 700r4 had the generator in it and is OEM and not aftermarket. The most I ever see is around 20 mph when doing anywhere from 30-50 mph. It does ... Jan 06, 2014 · The pulse signal generator replaces the speedometer cable and produces a "square wave", which alternates between 0 and +12 V. The SN16 is a powered signal generator, which means it requires +12 V ...

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8K pulse generator with adaptor cable for various transmissions with or without cable drive speed output. Designed for use with many adjustable aftermarket speedometers. Please contact the Dakota Digital Sales department with vehicle specifics before attempting to use this device with an OEM speedometer. Apr 14, 2013 · Instrument cluster testing, On this video we are running the odometer/speedometer, with a signal generator. You can do this if you need to test a gauge and the car is not present.

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Find Classic Instruments Speed Signal Interface Modules SN74Z and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing! Better performance requires better communication. Classic Instruments speed signal interface modules will efficiently convert pulse signals to make sure your instruments and your transmission clearly understand each other. As a speedometer interface: Input Source Options ... Apr 01, 2014 · This calibrates the VSS signal into the speedometer from the VSS output, and the speedometer will be accurate. This box, the SN-74, is an upgraded version of Classic Instruments' original box that ... Attach the signal generator to the transmission speedometer gear housing (where the speedometer cable originally connected). Do not use excessive force to tighten.

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Mar 18, 2011 · In this case, it does not mean the generator, like the one on an engine, where you have an alternator. It means the speedometer signal pulse generator that screws in place by the transmission, where the speedometer cable would normally go. It is the little silver thing in your first photo. That goes with the little harness that plugs into it. If you have an older model GM transmission and are using the programmable speedo set, don't forget your pulse generator. See the additional information below to see if this is needed for your application.+ Allows modern GM engines to be mated to non-electronically controlled GM automatic transmissions.+ Converts mechanical speed signal into a digital square wave signal, at 128K pulses per mile ...